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If you are a non-resident owner of a property in Spain you must be aware that by law you are required to submit a Non-Resident Tax return every year. Using our online service you can, paying a very affordable fee, submit your own tax return. Please, bear in mind that if you rent your property you must contact LS at info@lssolicitors.es, the following form won’t be valid for you.


What service does LS Solicitors offers?

We can either send your tax returns and you just need to take them to your bank to pay them or we can set a direct debit.

How do I get a copy of my IBI receipt?

If you previously set a direct debit you can download it using online banking or you can ask your local branch. Alternatively, your Solicitor or fiscal representative may have a copy.

I’ve never paid any tax, why do I need to do it?

It’s a requirement set by Spanish law, you have to pay it if you own a property in Spain. If you haven’t paid anything at all, please contact info@lssolicitors.es to advise you.

When do I have to pay it?

Before the 31st of December for the previous tax year.