As you may know, if you are a tax resident in Spain and meet certain criteria, you must file your Assets Abroad Declaration before March the 31st.

In order to help you ascertain if you qualify for this Declaration, we have listed below the items you need to consider to fulfil your obligation in Spain:

  1. Bank accounts in other countries: regardless of the number of bank accounts or whether they are in your own country or another one, you must declare them if the balance amounts to more than 50,000.00 €.
  2. Shares, trusts and other kinds of financial assets worldwide: regardless of the kind of product, you must declare them if their value is worth more than 50,000.00 €.
  3. Real Estate: you must declare all the properties that you own, in all countries, with values of more than 50,000.00 €.

If you have already completed this declaration in previous years, you only need to do this again if the value of all your assets (categories one to three) has increased by more than 20,000.00 € during the last year.

The minimum fine for not declaring your assets before March the 31st is 10,000.00 €. We would strongly advise you to make sure you fulfil your obligations in due time if you qualify, in order to avoid any fines.

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