Spanish laws of succession are different from other countries, and sometimes they might be quite complicated. Making testament in Spain might help avoid time-consuming formalities, as well as legal problems for your heirs.

The European Law states that any assets the foreign deceased had in Spain at the time of their death, will be governed by their own national law, instead of the Spanish inheritance law, as long as it is so specified on a Spanish will.

When a foreign property owner dies intestate, Spanish law could apply to their Spanish assets. Therefore, taking legal advice to organize the inheritance will probably avoid future conflicts and save the heirs quite a lot of costs.

Foreign testators that make a will disposing of their Spanish property are allowed to bequeath their Spanish assets to anyone they please, as long as the Law in their own country give them complete freedom to divide their assets as they wish. This is the case for British citizens, amongst other.

If you decide to grant a will in Spain, it will exclusively affect your assets in Spain, not the property you own in any other country. As well, your Spanish testament shall not affect any present nor any future testament you may grant in your own country.

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